Want your very own track made by me? Need an instrumental, a track for a project or just something to enjoy for yourself?
Then you can commission me here, all available types of music orders and their prices are listed below!
​For any special orders that are not listed  you can always contact me via Twitter or Mail.


Start your order by filling out the commission form at the bottom of the page.

For special orders you can contact me via mail or Twitter. Please provide:

  • Your name & contact

  • Your order

  • As much information as you can give about the track you want

If I accept your commission you will receive a confirmation and further details can be discussed if necessary.
Payment is done before I start working on the commission. I only accept payment through 
PayPal and you

will receive an Invoice.

You will regulary receive updates about the progress to make sure that the track will be to your liking.

!! You agree that the song can be shared online unless you state otherwise
!! Commercially used commissions will be charged at a higher rate!
I reserve the right to decline your commission if I don't feel up to the task.
Please check out the entire page before you order your commission.


I can do Electronic genres.
I can try to take on anything that I am able to do with my equipment, meaning everything that is possible with the synthesizers I have.
I cannot include real instruments unless they are provided as samples or recordings by yourself.
If you are requesting an Instrumental for an existing song I keep the right to decline the commission if I don't feel up to the task.
​Requesting songs outside of my main genres will raise the price.

Main Genres: 

  • EDM / Pop

  • PsyTrance

  • Orchestral

Side Genres: 

  • Electroswing

  • DnB

  • House


Base Price (first minute)


per minute













Mix (if Vocals provided)


other genre


Side genre


Base Price (if melody provided)



i.e.: An original song of 3 minutes with original lyrics and vocals would be 140€
​        An original song of 3 minutes but with provided melody, lyrics and vocals would be 100€


Need an instrumental for a cover?
While prices roughly follow those of original songs, they will depend on the song you request and the complexity of it.
​You can decide whether you want a recreation or a remix of the song - let's talk about it!


Original Song Commission (EDM / Pop; Vocals)    

Arrangement (Electroswing; Vocals)

Original Song (PsyTrance; Vocals)

Arrangement (Orchestral, Vocals)

Remix (DnB; Instrumental)

Arrangement (Pop / Dubstep)

Arrangement (Kawaii Future Bass; Vocals)

Arrangement (Hardstyle; Vocals)


  • The commission may be canceled for a given reason before the first draft has been received. 

  • Payment will be completed before work on the commission starts. 

  • Refunds are not available.

  • The content of your commission can't be changed unless additional payment is provided. 

  • Commissions are for personal use only unless officially agreed upon otherwise. 

  • Your data will be collected for invoice purposes ONLY.

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