Hello, my name is Milkychan and I am a communication design student from Germany, as well as a self-taught singer and composer!

On this homepage you will find information about my work, my personal portfolio and everything you need in order to commission me.

Want to work with me? Business inquiries go to MilkychanWorks@gmail.com

I'm a communication design student with my main focus set on Illustration, mostly in an anime/manga oriented style. I like to combine my works with Motion Design to bring another layer of life into them!

For a personal commission, check out the commission page.


Besides doing illustrations, I am a self-taught Musician. I mostly sing fancovers of japanese and game-related songs on my YouTube channel, but I also create my own arrangements and original music.

If you need personalized music for a project, check out the commission page.



Occasionally I will stream on my Twitch channel, either showing the process of my illustration work live or playing games.

The schedule is very open-ended, but you can follow me for notifications on when the stream starts!




I'm leading Norowareta Night, a western based doujin music circle, mainly creating arrangements based on the Touhou Project soundtracks and lately also original tracks. Our members include MAMAPURITY and Sieudiver as arrangers, as well as Cereza and Sasi as singers. Our album releases are usually during the time of Comiket around August and/or December.

Follow our bandcamp page for more Information on new releases!


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